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Multifamily – Caulking / Wet Glazing

Caulk is an ideal material to use for all kinds of waterproofing jobs. It prevents water and moisture damage inside and outside of a building by forming a protective seal for gaps, cracks, and joints. Furthermore, the sustainability of caulking maintains the integrity of any building by blocking unnecessary airflow - keeping cool air in during the summer and cool air outside in the winter. This is beneficial for the environment and can save money year after year.

AquaTEK Systems knows that getting the job done correctly is key, because caulk is basically a structure’s first line of defense against the elements.

Caulking can be used on almost any surface and there are many different types to choose from. Its flexibility allows the connected materials to expand and contract with varying temperatures and conditions. Proper caulking reduces insect infiltration, property maintenance and management expenses. The overall versatility and durability of caulk proves that it’s an ideal solution for multifamily waterproofing jobs.

Multifamily - Caulking

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