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Green Systems

Having the appropriate roof coating system on your flat-roof structure is an important step to GREEN living and energy conservation.

AquaTEK Systems’ use of Energy Star®–rated products such as Henry®, ER Systems®, or Poly-Tuff Systems International (PSI), will help reduce heating and cooling costs by deflecting the sun’s energy away from your building.

Additional efforts can be made to help make your property become more energy efficient. Professional waterproofing such as correctly applied caulking and sealing products and regularly scheduled preventative maintenance for your home or commercial building is a highly effective way to better serve you and the environment.

Whether you are planning for a new building project or refurbishing an existing one, AquaTEK Systems’ is committed to assisting you in protecting our investment. Our exceptional application qualities and extensive knowledge of wall, structural, drain and coating systems will create a more eco-friendly building envelope.

Use of roof coatings, waterproofing and restoration projects is more than an aesthetic necessity, it is an environmental responsibility.

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